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Kashmir - The Good Life - Original 1999 Privately Pressed LP - Exhibition Copy - Kasper Eistrup Cover

€ 3450
TitleThe Good Life - Original 1999 Privately Pressed LP - Exhibition Copy - Kasper Eistrup Cover
Price € 3450
Record labelPrivate Pressing
Catalogue noKASH-100
Year of release1999
GradingM- (vinyl & labels)/Poster (M-)/M- (Cover)
Stock listKashmir
Additional infoSuperrare testpressing only 1999 3rd LP manufactured in 100 copies with 50 numbered copies featuring custom made artwork - sold at the "Pass On The Good Life" exhibition at Vega, january 2001.
This is one of the superrare copies sold at the exhibition - No. 6, which has artwork by lead singer Kasper Eistrup.

This copy comes with giant poster showing all covers - rare as hell and extremely sought after.

The LP is in itself a high quality 180 g white label vinyl testpressing with data engraved in trail off.

Cover artwork is made of card sleeve, polaroid pictures, masking tape and lots of pink... comment about the good life handwritten by Eistrup - meaty, penetrating, sarcastic.

Condition: M- (vinyl & labels)/Poster (M-)/M- (Cover):
Both vinyl and picture cover are in perfect shape in everery way.


Side 1:
1 Mom In Love, Daddy In Space 4:32
2 Make It Grand 4:35
3 Lampshade 6:05
4 Graceland 4:48
5 It's Okay Now 4:54

Side 2:
1 Miss You (Mads Tunebjerg - Kasper Eistrup) 4:37
2 New Year's Eve (Mads Tunebjerg - Kasper Eistrup) 4:39
3 Mudbath (Kashmir - Kasper Eistrup) 4:43
4 Gorgeous 6:50
5 Kiss Me Goodbye 4:05
Written and composed by Kasper Eistrup unless noted
Recorded & mixed Dec. 1997 - Jan. 1999 at Lundgaard - Vejen DK, Paradise Park - Frederiksberg DK, Mox - Vanløse DK, Rummet - Nørrebro DK and at Das Boot - Lake Tahoe USA.
Mixed at QSound


Kasper Eistrup - Guitar, Vocals, Tambura, Keyboards, Guitar Synthesizer, Additional Drums (Mudbath)

Mads Tunebjerg - Bass, Percussion
Asger Techau - Drums, Piano, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Percussion

Additional Musicians:
Tim Christensen - Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Mellotron
Joshua/Jon Schumann - Programming
Per Röeghmann - Gnobichord & Roggoetron
Jon Carin - Keyboards
Robert Lund - Backing Vocals (New Year's Eve)
Dinah Kirgo (New Year's Eve), Cecile Eistrup (Gorgeous) - Phone Voice

Kash Killion - Esraj, Sarangi (Gorgeous)

Allan Johansen - Lap Steel Guitar (Gorgeous)

Technical Credits:
Kashmir - Production
Joshua/Jon Schumann - Production, Recording Engineers
James Guthrie - Additional Production, Mix
Henrik Vindeby,
James Guthrie - Production (It's Ok Now)
Recording Engineers
Joel Plante - Assistant Engineer
Doug Sax - Mastering

Kasper Eistrup - Cover Artwork
Kashmir - Concept