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Sort Sol - Snakecharmer - 2017 Danish Mercury label 9-track Red Vinyl 9-track Reissue LP - RSD 2017

€ 27
ArtistSort Sol
TitleSnakecharmer - 2017 Danish Mercury label 9-track Red Vinyl 9-track Reissue LP - RSD 2017
Price € 27
Record labelMercury Records
Catalogue no013 484-1
Year of release2017
GradingNew/Still Factory Sealed
Stock listSort Sol
Additional info2017 Danish Mercury label red vinyl 9-track LP - a reissue of great Danish rock quartets very rare 2001 album - including 'Elia Rising' featuring Sissel Kyrkjebø and their cover version of Moody Blues' 'Night In White Satin'.

This issue was released as a limited edition in connection to the 2017 Record Store Day - complete with lyric inner and picture cover.

Condition: New - Still Factory Sealed:
Unused and unopened - new


Side 1:
1. I'll take care of you (Steen Jørgensen - Lars Top Top-Galia)
2. It's gonna rain (Steen Jørgensen - Lars Top Top-Galia)
3. Brogue (Steen Jørgensen - Lars Top Top-Galia)
4. Rhinestone (Knud Odde)

Side 2:
5. Next century (Steen Jørgensen - Lars Top Top-Galia)
6. Elia rising (Knud Odde)
7. Who's afraid of Virginia Wolf (Knud Odde - Lars Top-Galia/Tomas Ortved)
8. Daddy Howard in Queens (Knud Odde - Knud Odde/Tomas Ortved)
9. Nights in white satin (Justin Hayward)

Recorded at Dog Star Studio, Copenhagen
Mixed at Medley Studio, Copenhagen V, Denmark
Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York, NY, USA
Pressed by Optimal Media GmbH, Röbel / Müritz, Germany
Designed at Powerplant

Steen Jørgensen - Vocals
Lars Top-Galia - Guitar, Synth, Electronics, Additional Bass, Backing Vocals
Tomas Ortved - drums
Knud Odde - bass

Additional Musicians:
The Wili Jønsson - Additional Bass, Keyboards (It's gonna rain, Elia Rising, Night In White Satin)
Laust Sonne - Additional Drums & Percussion (It's gonna rain)
Johnny Stage - Additional Guitar & Keyboards (Rhinestone, Daddy Howards In Queens)
Sven Andersson - Saxophone (Who's afraid of Virginia Wolf)
Jeppe Kaas - Synth-Strings & Horns (Elia rising)
Mathias Toksværd - Turntables (It's gonna rain, Brogue, I'll take care of you)
Alex Nyborg Madsen - Backing Vocals (Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf)
Mark Linn - Backing Vocals (Brogue, Next Century, Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf)
Per Sunding - Backing Vocals (I'll Take Care Of You, Rhinestone, Daddy Howards In Queens)

String Quartet (I'll take care of you):
Henrik Lindstrand - String Arrangements, Conductor
Ingemar Brantelid - Cello
Mikkel Futtrop, Sune Ranmo, Tobias Durholm - violin

Technical Credits:
Per Sunding - Production
Sort Sol - Production, Song Arrangements
George Marino - Mastering
Michael Ilbert - Mix

Søren Solkær - Photography
Dea Trier Mørch - Linoleum Cuts
Jakob Tranberg - Art Depart