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Barclay James Harvest - Barclay James Harvest - Original 1970 Harvest label 8-track 1st Issue LP

€ 47
ArtistBarclay James Harvest
TitleBarclay James Harvest - Original 1970 Harvest label 8-track 1st Issue LP
Price € 47
Record labelHarvest Records/EMI Records
Catalogue noSHVL770
Year of release1970
GradingVG (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+(+) (Cover)
Stock listBarclay James Harvest
Additional inforare original 1970 UK Harvest label 8-track 1st issue LP - the debut album by Oldham formed progressive rock quartet.

Vinyl has the lime green company labels with darker green logo and rim print, 'The Gramophone Co. Ltd-' 10 O'clock rimprint - omitting the boxed EMI logo just above horizontal left ''Harvest' print.

Vinyl has machine stamped matrix information:
Side 1: SHVL770 A-2, mother/stamper 1G
Side 2: SHVL770 B-1, mother/stamper 1G,
- suggesting this album to be manufactured from the 1st master matrice, the fist fathers, mothers and very first set of stampers - essentially a first pressing and an extremely early pressed copy within this.

Vinyl is housed in an era specific company add inner sleeve, ultimately in a slightly textured gatefold picture cover.

Condition: VG (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+(+) (Cover):
Vinyl has some degree of light but inaudible surface lines - combined with fine and ultralight sleeve inflicted wear.
Labels have a few handfuls of spindletraces - solidly placed within the centerring on Side 2 - slightly scattered on Side 1.

Vinyl is overall graded at least VG.

Picture cover has hardly any back and front cover center wear. Inner spread is extremely close to mint.
Seams are solid and nice - hardly any rubbing to spine edges or top seam - a little light rubbing to lower and opening edges - and to corners. This is overall a simply very nice cover which is graded upper VG+.


Side 1:
1. Taking Some Time On (John Lees) 5:31
2. Mother Dear (Lees) 3:20
3. The Sun Will Never Shine (Woolly Wolstenholme) 5:07
4. When the World Was Woken (Les Holroyd) 5:50

Side 2:
1. Good Love Child (Lees) 5:10
2. The Iron Maiden (Wolstenholme) 2:43
3. Dark Now My Sky (Lees) 12:01

Recorded November 8, 1969 - January 26, 1970 at E.M.I. Studios, Abbey Road, London


Barclay James Harvest:
John Lees - vocals, guitars, recorder
Les Holroyd - vocals, bass guitar, guitar, cello
Stuart "Woolly" Wolstenholme - vocals, mellotron, keyboards, guitar, harmonica
Mel Pritchard - drums, percussion

Additional musicians:
Jim Litherland - guitar on "Taking Some Time On"
Gavin Wright - The Barclay James Harvest Symphony Orchestra
Gavin Wright - Orchestra Leader
Robert Godfrey - Conductor and Musical Director

Technical Credits:
Norman Smith - Production
Phil McDonald - Engineer

Ian Latimer - Cover Design
Richard Dunkley - Photography