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George Russell - Listen To The Silence - 1983 Italian Soul Note 2-Track LP Reissue

€ 20
ArtistGeorge Russell
TitleListen To The Silence - 1983 Italian Soul Note 2-Track LP Reissue
Price € 20
Record label
Catalogue noSN 1024
Year of release1983
GradingVG+(+) (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+ (Cover)
Stock listGeorge Russell
Additional info1983 Italian Soul Note 2-track LP - a re-issue of grand Cincinnati, Ohio, born jazz pianist, composer, free thinker and theorists "mass for orchestra and chorus in a series of "vertical form" works described by the composer as "layers or strata of divergent modes of rhythmic behavior.""* - originally recorded live at Kongsberg Church during Russells visit during the 1971 Kongsberg Jazz Festival and subsequently released on the small US Concept label in 1973 - featuring guitarist Terje Rypdal and saxophonist Jan Garbarek - as well as ex- Tony Williams' Lifetime keyboardist and future Herbie Hancock and Barry White collaborater Webster Lewis.

Vinyl has red and top and bottom orangy ?fade? labels with black printing - top half sun rise motif and large, capital lettering, curved company name logo along top label rim.

Vinyl is placed in an outer laminated gatefold picture cover with lyrics in inner spread.
Condition: VG+(+) (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+ (Cover):

The record is nice and shiny - has a few fine and light, superficial scuffs and a light degree of sleeve inflicted wear - but far nothing serious and needle induced.
Labels has a very few light and superficial spindletraces but are otherwise mint. Vinyl is overall graded close to near mint/excellent.
Cover has extremely nice front and back cover centers. Light wrinkling from milder cover bends transcends from spine and top seam ? a touch of laminate only wear along top and botton is detected when cover is hold askew. Cover has a little superficial creasing - and imprint of a handwritten name in the top-right back laminate.
Seams are solid and without pressure points or splits, spine is nice and perfectly readable, opening edges has only a very light degree of rubbing. Opening corners has milder dents - corners in general hardly any rubbing. This is overall a very nice cover - graded at least VG+.


1. Listen To The Silence - Part One

Side 2:
1. Listen To The Silence - Part Two

All compositions by George Russell - Text Credits: "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" by Dee Brown, "The Mark" by Maurice Nicoll, "Duino Elegies" by Rainer Maria Rilke

Recorded at Kongsberg Kirke, Kongsberg, Norway. June 26, 1971.

George Russell - Timpani
Arild Andersen - Double Bass
Bjornar Andresen - Electric Bass
Arnuv Hegstad - Conductor
Terje Rypdal - Electric Guitar
Webster Lewis - Organ
Jon Christensen - Percussion
Bobo Stenson - Electric Piano
Jan Garbarek - Tenor Saxophone
Stanton Davis - Trumpet
David Dusing (Tenor), Ray Hardin (Tenor), Joyce Gippo (Alto), Kay Dunlap, Gailanne Cummings (Soprano), Sue Auclair (Soprano), Dan Windham (Bass), Don Hovey (Bass), Don Kendrick (Bass) - Voice

Technical Credits:
George Russell - Production
Halvard Kvale - Assistant Producer
Marit Jerstad Badendych - Special Coordinator
Jan Erik Hongshaug - Engineer
Bob "Jesse" Henderson - Mixing Engineer
Gennaro Carone - Remastering Engineer
Giovanni Bonandrini - Executive Producer
Aengus Recording Studios, Fayville, Mass., April 1973 - Special Effects
Bob Ludwig ? Mastering (original US issue)

Barry Savenor - Artwork
Pat Ryan - Design

*allmusic review by Eugene Chadbourne