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Elisabeth - Elisabeth - 1984 Danish Genlyd label 10-track LP

€ 55
TitleElisabeth - 1984 Danish Genlyd label 10-track LP
Price € 55
GenreRock & Pop
Record labelGenlyd
Catalogue noGENLP 145
Year of release1984
GradingM- (Vinyl and Labels)/VG++ (Inner Sleeve)/VG+(+) (Cover)
Stock listElisabeth
Additional infoRare authentic 1984 Danish Genlyd label 10-track testpressing LP of ex-Vox Pop vocalists debut album - recorded with several members of Gnags and Funtime.

Vinyl has plain white labels - handetched matrix information:
Side 1: GEN LP 145 A GS
Side 2: GEN LP 145 B GS
veryfying vinyl to be the LP in question - GS is the initials for mastering engineer Goran Stelin.

Vinyl is housed in an illustrated lyric inner sleeve - ultimately in a picture cover.

Testpressings are manufactured for test purposes only. Vinyl is manufactured through a process involving an acetate directly cut from the master and a series of metal platings ending in a stamper... which is directly used for pressing the vinyl.
Testpressings are the first vinyls pressed and used to check the overall process - if the sound and overall product intended has the quality intended.

Condition: M- (Vinyl and Labels)/VG++ (Inner Sleeve)/VG+(+) (Cover):
Vinyl is bright and shiny - has no signs of play or handling what so ever - clean labels - perfect in everyway. Mint.

Inner sleeve has only faint signs of handling - cover has a little creasing and faint top-right corner tag-glue residue - graded near mint and VG+ respectively.


Side 1:
1 En Sømand Som Dig 3:24
2 En Nat I Metropolis 3:45
3 Hud Mod Hud 4:20
4 Elektriske Hjørne 3:50
5 Tågedage 3:30

Side 2:
1 Cafe Ruinen 3:00
2 Søndagscity 3:25
3 Sidste Cigaret 3:24
4 En Torsdag I Livet 4:10
5 Rejser Med Dig 2:30

Written and composed by Elisabeth Gjerluff Nielsen

Recorded at Feedback Recording, Viby J, Denmark
Cover printed by SIB-Tryck AB, Norsborg, Sweden

Elisabeth Gjerulff Nielsen - Vocals, Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Piano
Finn Verwohlt - Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Ivan Sørensen - Piano, Guitar, Keyboards
Per Chr. Frost - Bass
Mads Michelsen - Drums, Congas
Jacob Sæther - Drums, Percussion
Jens G. Nielsen - Percussion
Hanne Høy Houengaard - Cello
Jens Walther - Synthprogramming
Søren Eriksen -Saxophone
Lars Kvist-Jensen - Viola, String Arrangements

Technical Credits:
Finn Verwohlt - Production, Mix, Arrangements
Elisabeth Gjerulff Nielsen - Mix (1, 2, 8, 10), Arrangements
Jens G. Nielsen, Thomas Brecklin, Tom R. Andersen - Engineers
Joe Blaney, Knub, Billy Cross - Mix (1, 2, 8, 10)
Goran Stelin - Mastering

Kristoffer Nyholm - Cover Design
Elisabeth Gjerulff Nielsen - Back Cover Photography
Philippe Merie - Front Cover Photography