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Purrkur Pillnikk - EhgjI En - Original 1981 UK Pressed ýIcelandic Gramm label 17-track LP - Incl Press Kit

€ 85
ArtistPurrkur Pillnikk
TitleEhgjI En - Original 1981 UK Pressed ýIcelandic Gramm label 17-track LP - Incl Press Kit
Price € 85
Record labelGramm
Catalogue noGRAMM 3
Year of release1981
GradingVG++ (Vinyl and Labels)/M- (Booklet)/M- (Insert)/M- (Press Kit)/VG+ (Cover)
Stock listPurrkur Pillnikk
Additional infoRare original 1981 UK pressed Gramm label 17-track LP - the debut album by phrenetic Icelandic punk quartet - featuring future mebers of Kukl and Sugarcubes.

Vinyl has custom Black and White Picture labels with Side numbering as 'Purrkur' and 'Pillnikk' in red handwriting - accompanied by foldout insert with lyrics in English as well as insert feturing Icelandiv language lyrics.

This copy was bought from a reviewer and includes a letter to the Roskildefestival from Gramm label representative Unnstein Gislason promoting Pillnikk and Icelandic poet Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson towards the festival as well as 1-page Pillnikk press clipping.

Vinyl and all inserts are housed in a fully laminated top opening Picture cover.

Condition: VG++ (Vinyl and Labels)/M- (Booklet)/M- (Insert)/M- (Press Clipping)/VG+ (Cover):

Vinyl is bright and shiny - has almost no signs of play or handling... a single or two hardly detectable sleeve inflicted marks are the proof that this album was out of the sleeve.

Side 1 label has a single light, very slightly complex and scattered spindletrace, Side 2 label is mint.

Vinyl is overall asily graded near mint.

Both lyric components and press material are in mint condition.

Cover has a Little light laminate wear and creasing - nothing transcending to the surface underneath the laminate.
Cover has light wrinkling from sides and a little top sun-discolouration.

Seams are firm and intact, opening edges unworn and corners very slightly dented - overall a very well kept, but not perfect, cover - graded straight VG+.


Side 1: Purrkur:
1 Svebnphørgør (Twixt)
2 Nu: (Now)
3 EhgjI En: (Not Yet)
4 GrIm:d (Rage)
5 Gløg:agjai:Ir (Peeper)
6 FløqhehbId (The Flight)
7 Fa:derland (Vaterland)

Side 2: Pillnikk:
1 Nabn (Holy Terror)
2 Khva:d; Gje:d Je:q Gjerd (What Can I Do)
3 U:dlle:gadør (Outlocked)
4 Øndanthehgning (Exceptional Product)
5 Vendør Sdraugør (Anonymous)
6 Au:n Nabns (Prime Target)
7 e;v:hraidsdla (Bad Boy)
8 En: Ungør E:n (Still Young But)
9 Drøi:mør (Dream)
10 Re:dId (Knockout)

Recorded at Southern Studios, London.

Einar Örn - Vocals, Trumpet
Friðrik Erlingsson - Guitar
Bragi Ólafsson - Bass
Ásgeir Ragnar Bragason - Drums

Technical Credits:
Simaen Skolfield - Recording Engineer