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Gasolin - Gasolin' - Mid-1980ies Dutch Pressed 4rth Issue 10-track LP

€ 27
TitleGasolin' - Mid-1980ies Dutch Pressed 4rth Issue 10-track LP
Price € 27
Record labelCBS Records
Catalogue no64685
Year of release1973
GradingVG++ (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+ (Cover)
Stock listGasolin
Additional infoMid-1980ies Dutch Pressed Sony Music label 10-track LP - the 4rth Issue of Gasolin's debut album originally released in 1971 as a UK pressing.

Vinyl has the fully red company labelswith white rim and top name-logo print - otherwise black center print.

Vinyl is housed in a side-opening gatefold picture cover - displaying Hergé's classic artwork.

For those into matrix information:
Side 1: 10-64685-2A-1 B
Side 2: 10-64685-2B-1 A NL

Condition: VG++ (Vinyl and Labels)/VG++ (Cover):
Vinyl is bright and shiny - has a touch of sleeve inflicted wear only - mint labels)

Cover is nice - a touch of edge rubbing, just a little fron ringwear and circular sticker glue residue - light signs of back sticker removal - cover is overall graded VG+.


Side 1:
1. Langebro (Franz Beckerlee, Kim Larsen, Willi Jönsson - Traditional) 3:20
2. Hej Christoffer (Franz Beckerlee, Kim Larsen) 4:13
3. Fra Dag Til Dag (Franz Beckerlee, Willi Jönsson) 4:26
4. Lille Henry (Kim Larsen) 2:28
5. Tremastet Beton (Mogens Mogensen, Willi Jönsson) 5:29

Side 2:
1. Solfangen (Franz Beckerlee, Willi Jönsson) 3:14
2. Laphophora Williamsii (Franz Beckerlee, Kim Larsen, Mogens Mogensen) 3:23
3. Jeg Kan Høre Dig Kalde (Kim Larsen, Søren Berlev) 3:15
4. Strengt Fortroligt (Franz Beckerlee, Kim Larsen, Willi Jönsson) 4:31
5. Lilli-Lilli (Kim Larsen, Willi Jönsson) 5:02

Recorded at Rosenberg Studio, Copenhagen
Mixed at Trident Studios, London


Kim Larsen - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Franz Beckerlee - Guitar, Saxophone, Harmonica, Vocals
Wili Jönsson - Bass, Piano, Vocals
Søren Berlev - Drums, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar (Jeg Kan Høre Dig Kalde)

Additional Musicians:
Mogens Mogensen - Vocals (Tremastet Beton)

Technical Credits:
Gasolin' - Production
Poul Bruun, Sture Lindén - Executive-Producer
Freddy Hansson - Engineer
Roy Thomas Baker - Mix

Poul Bruun - Photography, Cover Design
Hergé - Artwork