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Kate Bush - Before The Dawn - 2005 European Fish People label 28-track 4LP Box

€ 65
ArtistKate Bush
TitleBefore The Dawn - 2005 European Fish People label 28-track 4LP Box
Price € 65
FormatLP Box
Record labelFish People
Catalogue no0190295920166
Year of release2016
GradingStill Factory Sealed
Stock listKate Bush
Additional info2016 European Fish People 28-track 4LP Box set - recorded live during eminent English singer/songwriters 22 date sold out August - October 'Before the Dawn' concert residency at the Hammersmith Apollo in London 2014 - her first series of live shows since her first tour in 1979.

The album is presented in the same order as the original show and split into three parts, comprising seven miscellaneous songs, the complete Ninth Wave suite from the 'Hounds of Love' album as well as 'A Sky of Honey' from Bush's 2005 album 'Aerial'.

The box set features "Never Be Mine" - which was performed live during rehearsals but not during the show itself - as well as "Tawny Moon", performed by Bush's son, Albert McIntosh.

Vinyls are manufactured as picture labelled, 180 gram pressings - packed in full colour card, die cut picture inner sleeves and accompanied by a superb 24-page 12" square booklet featuring liner notes and lots of amazing photos from the show. Everything is housed in a sturdy card picture box - incredible artwork - lavish.

Condition: Still Factory Sealed:
Unopened and unused - new.


Vinyl 1:

Side 1: Act 1:
1. Lily 4:48
2. Hounds of Love 3:33
3. Joanni 6:07
4. Top of the City 5:24

Side 2: Act 1:
1. Never Be Mine 5:55
2. Running Up That Hill 5:40
3. King of the Mountain 8:05

Vinyl 2:

Side 3: Act II:
1. Astronomer's Call (spoken monologue) 2:44
2. And Dream of Sheep 3:37
3. Under Ice 3:04
4. Waking the Witch 6:38
5. Watching Them Without Her (dialogue) 1:57
6. Watching You Without Me 4:23

Side 4: Act II:
1. Little Light 2:08
2. Jig of Life 4:11
3. Hello Earth 7:55
4. The Morning Fog 5:23

Vinyl 3:

Side 5: Act III - Part 1:
1. Prelude 1:55
2. Prologue 10:10
3. An Architect's Dream 5:22
4. The Painter's Link 1:39

Side 6: Act III - Part 1:
1. Sunset 8:00
2. Aerial Tal 1:30
3. Somewhere in Between 6:59
4. Tawny Moon 6:08

Vinyl 4:

Side 7: Act III - Part 2:
1. Nocturn 8:51
2. Aerial 9:43

Side 8: Act III - Part 2:
1. Among Angels 5:48
2. Cloudbusting 7:16

All tracks written and composed by Kate Bush


Kate Bush - Piano, Vocals, Pre-Recorded Synths, writer ('The Ninth Wave')

Jon Carin - Keyboards, Guitars, Programming
Frissi Karlsson - Guitars, Bouzouki, Charango
David Rhodes - Guitars
John Giblin - Bass
Omar Hakim - Drums
Mino Cinelu - Percussion
Kevin McAlea - Keyboards, Uilleann Pipes, Accordion

Jacqui DuBois, Sandra Marvin - Chorus
Albert McIntosh - Chorus, Ben ('The Ninth Wave'), lead vocals ('Tawny Moon')
Bob Harms - Chorus, Dad ('The Ninth Wave')
Jo Servi - Chorus, Witchfinder ('The Ninth Wave')
Nick Skilbeck - chorus MD
James Drew - soundscapes

Technical Credits:
Kate Bush - Production, mix
Baz Tymms, Chris Lawson, Morten Turbo Thobro, Steve Grey - backline technicians
James Guthrie - sound consultant, mastering
Greg Walsh - FOH engineer, surround systems supervision, 'water tank' vocals research and recording
Davide Lombardi - FOH engineer
Stephen W Tayler - live lead vocal engineer, audio post-production sunshine, mixing
Ian Newton - monitor engineer, 'water tank' vocals research and recording
Davey Williamson - surround systems engineer
Kevin Doyle - astronomer ('The Ninth Wave')
Paddy Bush - helicopter pilot ('The Ninth Wave'), harmonic vocals, fujare
John Carder Bush - writer, narrator ('The Ninth Wave')
David Mitchell - writer ('The Ninth Wave')
Jim Jones, Ian Silvester - studio technician, live show recording
Joel Plante - mastering

Stuart Crouch Creative - album artwork design
Ruth Rowland - hand lettering
Tim Walker, Ken McKay, Gavin Bush, Trevor Leighton - photography
Ben Thompson - puppeteer
Robert Allsopp - puppet creation
Timorous Beasties - Two Worlds illustration