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Goodiepal - Slet Dig Selv / Helt Opløst Mand - 2015 Danish Private Pressing 2LP Set - Side M, N, C, D Issue

€ 30
TitleSlet Dig Selv / Helt Opløst Mand - 2015 Danish Private Pressing 2LP Set - Side M, N, C, D Issue
Price € 30
Record labelPrivate Pressing/Halloween Creativity/Kommunal Dubplate Serviceý
Catalogue noEMEGO 211 / HC-LP.798882.13/10 / KDS000
Year of release2016
GradingNew (2xM- (Vinyl and labels)/2xM- (Insert)/M- (Cover))
Stock listGoodiepal
Additional info2016 privately pressed... and distributed distributed by Parl himself - 2LP set - the rave-tekno influenced Side M & N of his very diverse alphabet installations - paired with Søsterhøj Mysteriet & Hessdalen - which are Side C & D. This was the version sold from the National Gallery Of Denmark... probably other places as well.

Side M and N is euro house-acid rave with hilarious speech by Pal - 'Søsterhøj Mysteriet' is half an hour'ish beat poetish rapping over more radical digital experimentation incorporating mixed with relentless beats - 'Hessdalen' has a more chilled trance, rave thing going on.

Side M & N has custom data labels - Side C & D is manufactured as a testpressing with plain white labels. Vinyls are accompanied by two printed, multicoloured inserts: 'Søsterhøj Mysteriet/Hessdalen' insert and a programming, instruments, websites etc insert with info on guitar pedals, music programming and much, much more.

Vinyls are housed in a die cut picture cover incorporating circular 'Lion King' motif and featuring a multitude of maybe relevant - under all circumstances confusing - information on back

Condition: New/2xM- (Vinyl and labels)/2xM- (Insert)/M- (Cover):
Bought directly from the artist - handled... but new and unused... by anybody but the Pal.


Side 1: M:
1. Slet Dig Selv 19:42

Side 2: N:
1. Helt Opløst Mand 12:31

Side 3: C:
1. Søsterhøj Mysteriet

Side 4: D:
1. Hessdalen

Mastered at The Exchange
Recorded by Goodiepal


Goodiepal/Mainpal Inv. - Music, Tekno, Speech

Mads Westrup - Cover

Side M & N:
Guido Zen, Lxxp, , Oswald Krabbe, Void Flux - Tekno
Jenz Benz - Electronic Drums
Synd & Skam - Add Guitar

Technical Credits:
Synd & Skam - vocal production
Simon - Master Laquer

Side C & D:
Guido Zen - ASTER KOMPUTER MIKS (Side C & D)
Paula Odonhes - Bass Guitar (Side C & D)
Computer (Side C & D) ? Morten B.H (tracks: C,D)
Congas ? Margot Høier (Side C & D) (tracks: C,D)
Per Hoier - DIEM Betray & add. Komputer MIKS (Side C & D)
Tordis Berstrand - Emulator 3 And Falcon Computer (Side C & D)
Dorothy Howard - GRID KOMPUTER MIKS (Side C & D)
Alessio Natalizia - Prophet 10 (Side C & D)