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Rävjunk - Uppsala Stadshotell Brinner - 2016 German Shadoks label 9-track LP Deluxe Reissue LP

€ 47
TitleUppsala Stadshotell Brinner - 2016 German Shadoks label 9-track LP Deluxe Reissue LP
Price € 47
Record labelShadoks Music
Catalogue noSHADOKS MUSIC 185
Year of release2016
GradingStill Factory Sealed
Stock listRävjunk
Additional info2016 German Shadoks label 9-track LP - a high end reissue of very rare debut album by Uppsala diy garage-prog-punk bands sole effort - done Shadoks style - stiff and rigid 180 g vinyl pressing - accompanied by illustrated liner notes insert - sturdy, handassembled gatefold picture cover - handnumbered inside the cover and limited of 500 copies only.

The Shadoks label writes: " The bands style was quite unique, as they were heavily influenced by the German Krautrock bands, but also saw the heavy psych movement as a bright star. So the tracks on these albums are often short tracks with heavy and fuzzed out guitars. Other tracks could keep the members going for 10 minutes in guitar jams. The album was christened Uppsala Stadshotell Brinner and its contents clearly showcase the contemporary trends of the North European underground. The A-side delivers an impressive edifice of very raw punk rock and hard rock, mixed with some bluesy scales and progressive moves. The heavy drone excursions on the flip-side sound definitely much more Teutonic with obvious kraut rock allusions. Several influences are evident, but it's all blended into something unique as each member brought their own intriguing ingredients into the music. Guitarist Christer was a Hendrix freak and singer Sören was deeply involved in the new punk rock movement. Bassist Lars-Eric was very much into Jack Bruce and Cream, while Peter the drummer was an avid fan of German bands such as CAN and Guru Guru. What a great album!"

Condition: Still Factory Sealed/New:
This album stems directly from the labels and is unused and new.


Side 1:
1 Sherry, Vermouth, Vin & Öl (Christer Lindahl - Peter Ericsson - Wilhelm Wallin) 3:07
2 Hey Little Girl (Peter Ericsson - Sören G. Andersson) 2:18
3 Jag E' Så Skitig Jag E' Så Paj (Christer Lindahl - Peter Ericsson - Wilhelm Wallin) 1:47
4 Uppsala Stadshotell Brinner (Peter Ericsson) 4:30
5 Inferno (Christer Lindahl - Peter Ericsson - Wilhelm Wallin) 2:29
6 Säg Mig Andersson (Olle Sjöstedt - Gert Hedov - Kenneth Sylwan - Peter Ericsson - Wilhelm Wallin) 3:29

Side 2:
7 Nåsten (Den Tysta Skogen) (Peter Ericsson - Janne Jedland Inspiration) 3:17
8 Snöspår (Del 1, 2 Och 3) (Christer Lindahl - Peter Ericsson - Wilhelm Wallin - Sören G. Andersson) 8:56
9 Vi Ses (Vid Taj Mahal) (Peter Ericsson - Wilhelm Wallin) 9:37


Alrunes Rod:
Sören G. Andersson - Lead Vocals, Percussion(8), Keyboards (8)
Christer Lindahl - Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Organ (1), Piano (4), Vocals (1, 3)
Wilhelm Wallin - Bass, Piano, (8), Keyboards (9)
Peter Ericsson - Guitar (4, 7, 9), drums, Keyboards (7)

Additional Musicians:
Gert Hedov - Guitar (6)
Olle Sjöstedt - Guitar, Lead Vocals (6)
Hasse Bruniusson - Drums (4)
Kenneth Sylwan - Harmonica (6)

Technical Credits:
Rävjunk - Production
Martin Hyden - Production, Recording Engineer
Peter Ericson - Production, Recording Engineer (Vi Ses - Vid Taj Mahal)

Tobias Petterson - Liner Notes