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Colosseum - The Collectors Colosseum - 1971 UK Bronze label 8-track LP

€ 14
TitleThe Collectors Colosseum - 1971 UK Bronze label 8-track LP
Price € 14
Record labelBronze Records
Catalogue noILPS 9173
Year of release1971
GradingVG+(+) (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+ (Cover)
Stock listColosseum
Additional infoScarce 1971 UK Bronze label 8-track LP - compiling British jazz-impro progressive rock bands early material and including several previously unreleased recordings.

Vinyl has the generic beige Company labels with circular 'evolution motif' with top fat, white and blue sjhadow effect outline lettering company name-logo.
Lower rimprint is likewise blue and includes Island manufacturing and distribution logo and information - otherwise brown printing.

Vinyl has A/B-1U matrix endings.

Vinyl is housed in an era specific Company inner sleeve - ultimately in a fragile, matt finish picture cover featuring Bronze and Iland company logos along with 'Basing Street, London' address in the lower right back corner.

Condition: VG+(+) (vinyl & labels)/VG+ (Cover):

Vinyl is bright and shiny - has a touch of sleeve inflicted Wear only - NeXT to nothing. Labels has 2 - 3 simple, superficial and light spindletraces placed within the center ring - vinyl is graded near mint.

Cover has a handwritten name in the lower right back corner and a touch of fwear along top-front vinyl outline.
Seams and corner has rubbing - more pronounced on top and lower seams than spine edges - spine is easily readable, opening edges without rubbing. Opening corners has marginal dents - overall a solid and nice VG+ cover.


Side 1:
1. Jumping off the Sun (Tomlin, Taylor) 3:40*
2. Those about to Die (Excerpt) (Dave Greenslade, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Jon Hiseman, Tony Reeves) 4:52
3. I Can't Live Without You (James Litherland)** 4:15, recorded 1968
4. Beware The Ides of March (Dave Greenslade, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Jon Hiseman, Tony Reeves) 5:53

Side 2:
5. Walking in the Park (Graham Bond) 3:55
6. Bolero (Ravel) 5:29*
7. Rope Ladder to the Moon (Jack Bruce, Pete Brown) 3:22*
8. The Grass is Greener (Dick Heckstall-Smith, Jon Hiseman) 7:37*

All tracks are from from ?Those About To Die?, Fontana , 1969 except *Recorded late 1969 & ** recorded 1968 (outtake from ?For Those??)


Chris Farlowe - vocals (1)
James Litherland - guitar & vocals (2 - 5
Dave Clempson - guitar over dubs (1), guitar (1, 6 - 8) & vocals (1, 6 - 8)
Tony Reeves - bass
Jon Hiseman - drums
Dick Heckstall-Smith - saxophones
Dave Greenslade - organ

Technical Credits:
Tony Reeves - Production (Original)
Gerry Bron - Production (Original), Executive-Producer
Colosseum, Jon Hiseman - Re-Mix, Remastering

Cover artwork:
Harry Isles (CCS Associates) - Cover Design
Jon Hiseman - Sleeve Notes