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Malk De Koijn - Ørkenstorm i Aberdeen - Original 1998 Jay B/RCA-BMG label 7-track 12" Single

€ 200
ArtistMalk De Koijn
TitleØrkenstorm i Aberdeen - Original 1998 Jay B/RCA-BMG label 7-track 12" Single
Price € 200
Record labelJay B Incorporated/RCA/BMG
Catalogue no
Year of release1998
GradingVG+(+) (Vinyl and Labels)/-
Stock listMalk De Koijn
Additional infoSuperrare 1998 Danish Jay B white label promotional only issue 7-track 12" single - manufactured in connection to Copenhagen hip hop trios 1998 debut album "Smash Hit In Aberdeen" - featuring treatments by Jens Lomholt & Philip Dencker as well as Pelding.

Vinyl is manufactured by the Czech GZ Vinyl pressing plnt in less than 300 copies - plain white labels - machine stamped trail off information:
Side 1: AE 12697/A
Side 2: AE 12698/A

Vinyl is housed in a generic white die cut sleeve

Condition: VG+(+) (Vinyl)/VG++ (Labels)/-
Vinyl is bright and shiny - has a touch of sleeve wear only - a little too much for a near mint grading. Vinyl is in itself strictly graded close to near mint/excellent.

Side 2 label has less than a handful simple, superficial and short spindletraces - Side 1 label is mint - suggesting that this is a 12" played not more than a few times and then stored.


Side 1:
1: Et par ord fra vores sponsor (0:15)
2: Ørkenstorm i Aberdeen (radio version)
3: Ørkenstorm (verdens farligste remix)
4: Ørkenstorm (pelding remix)

Side 2:
1: Ørkenstorm i Aberdeen (club version)
2: Ørkenstorm (den originale ørkenvandring)
3: Ørkenstorm i Aberdeen (instrumental version)