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The Rolling Stones - Time Waits For No One (Anthology 1971-1977) - 1977 Portugese Rolling Stones label

€ 14
ArtistThe Rolling Stones
TitleTime Waits For No One (Anthology 1971-1977) - 1977 Portugese Rolling Stones label
Price € 14
Record labelRolling Stones Records
Catalogue noRS 59107
Year of release1977
GradingVG++ (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+(+) (cover)
Stock listThe Rolling Stones
Additional info1977 Portugese Rolling Stones label 10-track LP compiling the period from Sticky Fingers in 1971 until Love You Live in 1977 - featuring the single A-sides "Angie" and "Fool to Cry".

Vinyl has the generic yellow and black texted company labels with top right tongue logo - held in a tracklisting inner sleeve - ultimately in a fully laminated spineless picture cover.

Condition: VG++ (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+(+) (Cover):
Vinyl is bright and shiny - has a single superficial and inaudible mark and otherwise almost no sleeve wear - graded at least close to near perfect/excellent.

Inner sleeve is a tight fit to the cover and has subsequently a couple of more significant wrinkles in one corner - otherwise only inevitable vinyl outline and light top wrinkling - graded straight VG+.

Cover has light lower spine corner dent and otherwise only a little wrinkling along left side vinyl outline and to a much lesser degree from spinespine.

Back, seams and corners are otherwise perfect - a very nice cover, especially when considering the thin fabrique of which the cover is manufactured - graded close to near perfect/excellent.


Side 1:
1. Time Waits for No One 6:39 (From It's Only Rock 'n' Roll)
2. Bitch 3:37 (From Sticky Fingers)
3. All Down the Line 3:48 (From Exile on Main St.)
4. Dancing with Mr. D 4:52 (From Goats Head Soup)
5. Angie 4:33 (From Goats Head Soup)

Side 2:
1. Star Star 4:26 (From Goats Head Soup)
2. If You Can't Rock Me"/"Get Off Of My Cloud 4:56 (From Love You Live)
3. Hand of Fate 4:28 (From Black and Blue)
4. Crazy Mama 4:34 (From Black and Blue)
5. Fool to Cry 5:04 (From Black and Blue)