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David Sylvian - Damage - 1994 UK Virgin Records 12-track limited edition 1st Issue 12-track CD

€ 27
ArtistDavid Sylvian
TitleDamage - 1994 UK Virgin Records 12-track limited edition 1st Issue 12-track CD
Price € 27
Record labelVirgin Records
Catalogue noDAMAGA1/7243 8 39905 2 8
Year of release1994
GradingM- (Disc)/M- (Front Booklet)/M- (Back Insert)/VG++ (Booklet)/VG++ (Box)
Stock listDavid Sylvian
Additional infoScarce 1994 UK Virgin Records 12-track limited edition 12-track CD - the 1st pressing produced by Robert fripp and including the track 'Darshan' which was replaced with 'Jean the Birdman.' on later David Sylvian produced issued.

Disc is manufactured as a 24-carat gold CD - mounted on a clear tray in a standard jewel case with 4 page front booklet and back insert - complete with with a additional 32-page softcover picture & data booklet - all housed in a stickered and outer silver embossed box - beautiful artwork.

Condition: M- (Disc)/M- (Front Booklet)/M- (Back Insert)/VG++ (Booklet)/VG++ (Box):
Disc, front booklet and back insert are in perfect condition - 32-page booklet and box has only very marginal wear - both graded near mint - a very nice copy.


1. Damage
2. God's Monkey
3. Brightness Falls
4. Every Colour You Are
5. Firepower
6. Gone To Earth
7. 20th Century Dreaming
8. Wave
9. Riverman
10. Darshan
11. Blinding Light Of Heaven
12. The First Day

Robert Fripp - Guitar, Electronics [Frippertronics]
David Sylvian - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Trey Gunn - Chapman Stick, Vocals
Pat Mastelotto - Drums
Michael Brook - Infinite Guitar

Technical Credits:
Robert Fripp ? Production
David Bottrill ? Production, Mixing Engineer
David Singleton - Assistant Producer, Editing
David Kent - Engineer [Live Recording, Sound]

Masataka Nakano - Photography
Kevin Westenburg - Live Photography
David Sylvian, Yuka Fujii - Art Direction
Russell Mills - Artwiork, Design
Shinro Ohtake - Artwork [Details]
Michael Webster - Design [Assistance]