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Sanne Salomonsen - Sanne - Original 1989 German A-Side Metal Mother

€ 150
ArtistSanne Salomonsen
TitleSanne - Original 1989 German A-Side Metal Mother
Price € 150
GenreRock & Pop
FormatMetal Mother
Record labelVirgin Records
Catalogue no209 976
Year of release1989
GradingVG++ (Metal Mother)/VG++ (Cover)
Stock listSanne Salomonsen
Additional infoExtremely rare 1989 German Side 1 metal mother for Sanne Salomonsens 'Sanne' LP album - manufactured by the Sonopress pressing plant as.

The metal mother is manufactured as a playable positive from the matrix as a source of negative stampers each of which can press out as many as a thousand or so actual finished records. Needles to say that metal mothers are incredible rare - this is an item for the very serious Sanne Salomonsen collector who has it all.

The metal mother is kept between two sheets of paper in hard card envelope closed by red linen in the sides - complete with front data sheet.


1 Kærligheden Kalder
2 Uden Dig
3 Hvis Du Forstod
4 Dagdrømmer
5 Leve Dit Liv