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Social Distortion - Album Network Presents - Social Distortion - Promotional Issue

€ 47
ArtistSocial Distortion
TitleAlbum Network Presents - Social Distortion - Promotional Issue
Price € 47
Record labelAlbum Network
Catalogue no
Year of release1998
GradingM- (Disc)/-
Stock listSocial Distortion
Additional infoScarce 1998 US Album Network label promotional issue only CD featuring 11-tracks by Mike Ness' rootsy Los Angeles based punk rock combo recorded live over three nights in april, 1998, at The Roxy, Los Angeles, and an additional interview with Ness himself prior to the third concert.

The radio show is interspersed with commercials and hosted by radio DJ, programmer and publister Jonathan Leigh Rosen - manufactured for airing the weekend of june 5 - 7th, 1998.

Disc is manufactured as a generic printed company CD-R(cordable), housed in a soft tissue lined clear PVC wallet - NO cue sheet.

Condition: M- (Disc)/-:
Disc itself is perfect - no signs of play or handling what so ever.


Segment 1:
Intro & Commercials

Segment 2:
1. Interview
2. Story Of My Life
3. Bad Luck
4. Under My thumb
5. Prison Bound

Segment 3:
1. The Creeps
2. 1945
3. Telling Them
4. Don't Drag Me Down
5. Let It Be Me

Segment 4:
1. Hard Luck Story Ball & Chain

Segment 5:
Commercials only