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Baze.Djunkiii - Presents Pink Minimalism

€ 7
TitlePresents Pink Minimalism
Price € 7
Format7 "
Record labelIntrauterin Recordings
Catalogue noAnti-Art Series #1
Year of release2012
Stock listBaze.Djunkiii
Additional info2012 German pressed vinyl Intrauterin Recordings.

White Label, Limited Edition, Stamped made in 120 copies worldwide.There is no music. There's not even a groove to be found on this one. Just a plain and simply beautiful piece of virgin vinyl, prompting everyone - as the stamped B-side says - to "ENGRAVE YOURSELF." , an invitation to make a limited but still machine made piece a very unique and personal one, a request to make up ones mind and get ready for some experimentation.


Side 1:
1. Engrave yourself

Side 2:
1. Engrave Yourself