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Rupert Hine/David Mciver - Pick Up A Bone - Original 1971 UK 1 st. issue LP

€ 125
ArtistRupert Hine/David Mciver
TitlePick Up A Bone - Original 1971 UK 1 st. issue LP
Price € 125
GenrePop & Rock
Record labelPurple Music
Catalogue noTPSA 7502
Year of release1971
GradingVG++ (Vinyls and Labels)/VG++ (Cover)
Stock listRupert Hine/David Mciver
Additional infoRare original 1971 UK Purple Music 11-track vinyl LP.

Vinyl has the generic purple company labels with the white 'P' logo steching from far bottom to and around centre hole - 'The Gramophone Co. Ltd.' rimprint.

Vinyl has machine stamped matrix information:
Side 1: TPSA 7502A - 1U, mother/stamper 1G
Side 2: TPSA 7502B - 1U, mother/stamper 1R
stressing that this is the first pressing and a very early copy pressed within this - within the first 5 - 600 copies manufactured.

Vinyl is housed in a unlaminated and textured Garrod & Lofthouse gatefold picture cover.

Condition: VG++ (Vinyl)/VG++ (Labels)/VG++ (Cover):
Vinyl is in close to mint condition with a light degree of fine sleeve wear in the otherwise supershiny vinyl - labels are in close to perfect condition with a single or two spindlemarks - obviously a copy which has been barely played and carefully handled when so - graded straight VG++.
Cover has almost no signs of handling or age - faint and only detectable upon a closer look... very slight corners wear - really next to nothing - otherwise intact and straight seams, very close to perfect corners and spine, unfaded clear colours and fine undamaged texture - without any signs of writing, tears or excessive wear - perfect inner spread - beautiful


Side 1:
1. Landscape
2. Ass All
3. Me You Mine
4. Scarecrow
5. Kerosene

Side 2:
1. Running Away
2. Medicine Munday
3. More Than One, Less Than Five
4. Boo Boo's Faux Pas
5. Pick Up a Bone
6. Intense Muse

Rupert Hine - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Simon Jeffes - Acoustic, Electric & Slide Guitars
David MacIver - Guitar
Peter Robinson - Piano, Organ
Pete Morgan - Acoustic & Electric Bass
Terry Cox - Drums

Additional Musicians:
Clive Hicks, Eric Ford & Joe Moretti - Guitars
Steve Hammond - Electric Guitar & Banjo
Paul Buckmaster - Electric Cello
Eddie Mordue & Roy Willox - Sax/Flute
Raul Mayora - Congas, Bells & etc.'s
Roger Glover - Tambourine
Barry de Sousa - Drums & introducing - The MacIver-Hine Chorale

Paul Buckmaster - All rhythm track arrangements, orchestral arrangements
Peter Robinson - Orchestral arrangements
Del Newman - Orchestral arrangements
Simon Jeffes - Saxophone arrangement
David Katz - Director of the Orchestra

Tecnical credits:
Roger Glover - Production
Trevor Smith/Wurlitzer Studios - Outside Cover Painting
David Glew/Primrose Hill Studios - Photography
David Juniper & Bob Murdoch/Wurlitzer Studios - Art Direction