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Shakespears Sister - Hormonally Yours - 1992 Dutch Pressed 12-track LP

€ 27
ArtistShakespears Sister
TitleHormonally Yours - 1992 Dutch Pressed 12-track LP
Price € 27
Record labelLondon Recordings
Catalogue no828 266-a
Year of release1992
GradingVG+ (Vinyl and labels)/VG++ (Cover)
Stock listShakespears Sister
Additional info1992 Dutch London label 12-track LP - Marcy Levy & Siobhan Fahey wonderfully charming and dramatic 2nd pop album recorded with Alan Moulder - glossy picture cover.

Condition: VG+ (Vinyl and labels)/VG++ (Cover):
Vinyl has a few light and inaudible marks in the otherwise lustrous vinyl - by far mostly sleeve induced... obviously inevitable with Dutch pressings of theat time Labels has a single or two not very complex spindlemarks and are easily graded near perfect.
Cover has light signs of handling - a few wrinkles from spine and a light upper back corner rubbing - straight near perfect.


Side 1:
1 Goodbye Cruel World
2 I Don't Care
3 My 16th Apology
4 Are We In Love Yet
5 Emotional Thing
6 Stay

Side 2:
1 Black Sky
2 The Trouble With Andre
3 Moonchild
4 Catwoman
5 Let Me Entertain You
6 Hello (Turn Your Radio On)

Marcella Detroit - Harmonica, Vocals, Guitar, Programming
Siobhan Fahey ? Vocals
Ed Sheamur - Keyboards
Jonathon Perkins - Additional Keyboards
Ian Maidman - Bass, Additional Keyboards
Steve Ferrera - Drums, Additional Keyboards

Technical credits:
Alan Moulder ? Production, Engineer
Shakespears Sister ? Production
Lee Manning - Assistant Engineer
Nick Addison - Assistant Engineer
David Nicholas - Engineer (Goodbye Cruel World )
Mike Cozzi - Guitar (Goodbye Cruel World )
Nick Addison - Mix (Goodbye Cruel World)
Chris Thomas - Production (Goodbye Cruel World), remix (Are We In Love Yet, Stay)