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The Rolling Stones - Through The Past Darkly - Original 1969 UK Stereo LP - Octagonal cover - Unboxed labels

€ 150
ArtistThe Rolling Stones
TitleThrough The Past Darkly - Original 1969 UK Stereo LP - Octagonal cover - Unboxed labels
Price € 150
Record labelDecca
Catalogue noSKL 5019
Year of release1969
GradingVG+(+) (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+(+) (Cover)
Stock listThe Rolling Stones
Additional infoRare original 1969 UK Decca label 12-track stereo LP on the none grooved blue and silver unboxed logo company labels with upper circular 'ffss' logo.

Vinyl has machine stamped matrix information:
Side 1: XZAL-9067.P-1W, mother/stamper 1 U
Side 2: XZAL-9068.P-2W, mother/stamper 1 U
Stressing that this is the very first pressing and a very early copy within this - between the first 600 copies pressed

Vinyl is housed in a generic octagonal company stereo inner sleeve and ultimately in an outer 'Clarifoil' laminated, octagonal Garrod & Lofthouse manufactured gatefold picture cover with mono/stereo indicator hole on back upper right.

Additional details - label describtion:

Copyright box: On the left side of the label
Font: Ariel looking font style
Tax Code: Tax code is missing
Side 1: Publishers: After each song title
Side 2: Publishers: Mirage Music is above the BIEM box
Speed is missing on this label.

Condition: VG+(+) (Vinyl)/VG++ (Labels)/VG+(+) (Cover):
Vinyl still retains its original high lustre and has a light degree of sleeve wear - close to near perfect/excellent condition
Labels has the slightest degree of spindlemarks - no wear to the spindlehole itself - easily graded very close to perfect.

Front of picture cover has minute degree of storage wear - a light cornerbend in upper right corner has caused slight laminate lifting - lower left corner has a very little dent - absolutely minor flaws - back cover has almost no signs of handling or storage - inner spread is perfect - spine is fully legible - seams intact - graded close to near perfect - a gorgeous copy.


Side 1:
1. Jumpin' Jack Flash - 3:40
Originally released as a single in May 1968
2. Mother's Little Helper - 2:45
3. 2000 Light Years from Home - 4:45
4. Let's Spend the Night Together - 3:36
Originally released as a single in January 1967
5. You Better Move On (Arthur Alexander) - 2:39
Originally released on the 1964 EP The Rolling Stones
6. We Love You - 4:22
Edited version; originally released as a single in August 1967

Side 2:
1. Street Fighting Man - 3:15
2. She's a Rainbow - 4:11
3. Ruby Tuesday - 3:16
Originally released as a single in January 1967
4. Dandelion - 3:32
Edited version; Originally released as a single in August 1967
5. Sittin' on a Fence - 3:02
Originally released on the American compilation Flowers in July 1967
6. Honky Tonk Women - 3:00
Originally released as a single in July 1969
The Rolling Stones
Mick Jagger - lead vocals, guitar, harmonica, keyboards
Brian Jones - guitar, harmonica, sitar, tambura, mellotron, recorder, organ, backing vocals
Keith Richards - guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Mick Taylor - guitar
Charlie Watts - drums, percussion
Bill Wyman - bass guitar, synthesizer, keyboards, backing vocals

Technical credits:
The Rolling Stones - Arrangements, Production
Jimmy Miller - Production
Andrew Long Oldham - Production
Ethan Russell - Cover And Liner Photography