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Sortfodsindianersange & Global Guaranty Orchestra - Sortfodsindianersange - Anthem For Enver Hohxa - 1985 Danish 13-track Music Cassette incl. Artzine

€ 100
ArtistSortfodsindianersange & Global Guaranty Orchestra
TitleSortfodsindianersange - Anthem For Enver Hohxa - 1985 Danish 13-track Music Cassette incl. Artzine
Price € 100
GenreJazz & Experimental
Record labelAtlas
Catalogue noAtlas 2
Year of release1985
GradingM- (Music cassette)/M- (Front Insert)/M- (Magazine)
Stock listSortfodsindianersange & Global Guaranty Orchestra
Additional infoRare 1985 Danish Atlas label 13-track MC featuring a lengthy side with Sortfodsindianersange and the 12-track work 'Anthem For Enver Hohxa' by Global Guaranty Orchestra.

Music cassette is housed in a generic black and clear cassette along with front picture insert - comes complete with 60-page art-zine featuring lyric/artwork by Jørgen leth, Thorkild Bjørnvig, Vagn Lundby, Keith Haring, Camilla Plum og Nanna Simonsen, Anders Rou Jensen, Talking Horn and others.

Condition: M- (Vinyl and Labels)/M- (Front Insert)/VG++ (Magazine):
Perfect music cassette and front insert - extremely close to perfect magazine which has the utmost marginal signs of handling..


Side 1: Sortfodsindianersange:
1. Sortfodsindianersange

Side 2: Global Guaranty Orchestra: Anthem For Enver Hohxa:
1. Anthem For Enver Hohxa
2. Morning Prayers
3. Transit
4. The Donkey Dance
5. Afternoon Swing
6. The Final Packman report
7. ....................
8. The Final Donkey Dance
9. The Move Mantra
10. Evening Prayers
11. Ghost Reperation
12. Farewell

Henning Frimann - bass, banjo, accordion, flutes, jugosax, saz, violin, nails, saw, home-made strings, melodica, horns, vacuumcleaner
P. Oliver Jørgens - Marimba, vibraharp, glockenspiel, kalimba, pad controlled synth, anklungs, bells, steel drums, ballofone, strygofon, vocals, shakers, metal, bowls, gongs, percussion, drums, cover artwork

Additional musicians:
Michael Tony Hansen - Guitar, backing vocals
Thorsten Høeg (T.S. Høeg) - alto sax
Per Tuno Jakobsen - Accortdion, lead vocals on 'Another room',
Tomas Ortved Larsen (Sort Sol) - Guitar, backing vocals, suitcase
Peter Meldgård - guitar, double bass, engineer
Peter Friis Nielsen - bass
Peter Peter Schneidermann (Sort Sol, Bleeder) - guitars
Lone Skovgaard - Vocals on 'The Cathedral of Nonsense', backing vocals