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Of The Wand And The Moon - The Lone Descent - 2011 Danish 11-track Full Album CD

€ 14
ArtistOf The Wand And The Moon
TitleThe Lone Descent - 2011 Danish 11-track Full Album CD
Price € 14
Record labelHeiðrunar - Myrkrunar/Tesco
Catalogue noHEIM010
Year of release2011
GradingM- (Disc)/M- (Front Booklet)/M- (Back Insert)/M- (Slipcase)
Stock listOf The Wand And The Moon
Additional info2011 Danish Heidrunar Myrkrunar 11-track full album CD - Kin Larsens neo-folk rooted combo's 5th effort - recorded with Lorenzo Woodrose from Danish acid rockers 'Baby Woodrose', psychedelic/exp folk act Aron, Death In June and SPK member John Murphy and many others.

Disc is mounted on a clear tray, illustrated lyric 24 page front booklet, back insert, standard jewel case, parrtially laquered/spot varnished black on black slipcase - nice.


1 Sunspot 7:08
2 Absence 6:31
3 A Pyre Of Black Sunflowers 8:35
4 Tear It Apart 4:36
5 We Are Dust 3:24
6 A Tomb Of Seasoned Dye 4:52
7 Is It Out Of Our Hands? 5:49
8 Watch The Skyline Catch Fire 2:52
9 The Lone Descent 6:50
10 Immer Vorwärts 2:50
11 A Song For Deaf Ears In Empty Cathedrals 6:22

Kim Larsen - Vocals, Guitar
Esben Tind - Cello
Soma Allpass - Cello (Mew, Martin Hall)
John Murphy - Drums
Bo Rande - Omnichord
Niels Rønne - Piano
Bo Rande - Trumpet Rande (The William Blakes, Mew, Blue Foundation)
Anne Eltard - Violin
Aron - Vocals (On We Are Dust)
Lorenzo Woodrose - Vocals (On A Pyre Of Black Sunflowers, We Are Dust)
Louise Nipper - Vocals
Louise Wilk-Zerahn - Vocals (On A Song For Deaf Ears In Empty Cathedrals)
Simon Roland Pedersen - Vocals (On A Song For Deaf Ears In Empty Cathedrals)
Irma Balciunaite - Additional Vocals/whispers
John Van Der Lieth - Additional Vocals/whispers (Sonne Hagal)

Technical credits:
Kim Larsen - Production
Louise Nipper - Engineer
Flemming Hansson - Mastering

Alex Rose - Front, Back, Middle Pages Artwork

(Death In June, Knifeladder, Nico, SPK),
John van der Lieth (Sonne Hagal)
Anne Eltard (known for various Danish acts and Kim Larsens Solanaceae, OTWATM)
and :Of The Wand & The Moon: engineer Louise Nipper 'Alouise'.