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Fools Dance - Fools Dance - Original UK 12" Vinyl Single

€ 16
ArtistFools Dance
TitleFools Dance - Original UK 12" Vinyl Single
Price € 16
Record labelLambs To The Slaughter Records
Catalogue noLTS18
Year of release1985
GradingM- (Vinyl and Labels)/M- (Cover)
Stock listFools Dance
Additional infoScarce original 1985 UK Lambs To The Slaughter label 5-track 12" vinyl single featuring Simon Gallup of The Cure - picture cover.

Condition: M- (Vinyl and Labels)/M- (Cover):

Vinyl is plain perfect - shiny and without any signs of play or handling - perfect labels, perfect cover.


Side 1:
1 The Priest Hole 3:04
2 Happy Families Waiting (At The Skylab Landing Bay) 4:01
3 I'm So Many (Talk Talk) 4:05

Side 2:
1 Sa'Ha 4:08
2 The Don Diddy Song 4:32

Simon Gallup
Pete Gardner
Stuart Curran
Ron Howe
Gary Biddles

Technical credits:
Fools Dance - Production
Frank Skarth-Haley - Production
Brian Crook - Production
Ted Page - Production