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Sugababes - Soul Sound - German 2-track promotional Issue 12"

€ 10
TitleSoul Sound - German 2-track promotional Issue 12"
Price € 10
Record labelLondon Records
Catalogue noPR02664
Year of release2001
GradingM- (Vinyl and Labels)/M- (Sleeve)
Stock listSugababes
Additional infoScarce 2001 German 2-track promotional issue 12" vinyl single featuring the 'Soulchild' and 'Medway City Heights'reworkings - generic black and silver company labels, die cut white and red generic company cover.

Perfect vinyl and labels, perfect sleeve.


Side 1:
1. Soul Sound - Soulchild Remix 5:00

Side 2:
1. Soul Sound - Medway City Heights Mix 7:29