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Sparklehorse - Chords I've Known - Promotional issue 5-track CD

€ 35
TitleChords I've Known - Promotional issue 5-track CD
Price € 35
Record labelSlow River/Capitol Records
Catalogue noDPRO11198
Year of release1996
GradingM- (Disc)/VG++ (Cover)
Stock listSparklehorse
Additional infoScarce 1996 US Slow River/Capitol label 5-track promotional issue mini-CD featuring exclusive tracks - promo print on disc, digipak picture cover.

Cover has a little lower opening corner dent - otherwisea perfect copy.


1. Heart of Darkenss
2. Almost Lost My Mind
3. Midget in a Junkyard
4. Dead Opera Star
5. The Hatchet Song