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Hess Is More - Hits - Full Album promotional Issue

€ 5
ArtistHess Is More
TitleHits - Full Album promotional Issue
Price € 5
Record labelMusic For Dreams
Catalogue noZZZCD 0002
Year of release2009
GradingM- (Disc)/M- (Cover)
Stock listHess Is More
Additional infoTracklisting:

1 Piano Waltz
2 Yes Boss
3 Ssshhhh
4 The Magic Invention From T.D.P.R.C.
5 Glove Is In The Air
6 Tip Top Dynamo
7 Never
8 Walksong
9 Would Would You Like To Disco
10 Don't Tell
11 Rosenkrantz & Gyldenstjerne
12 In The Fridge

Custom printed promotional issue picture disc, custom card wallet picture cover.