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Soilwork - Figure Number Five - Special Limited Version

€ 14
TitleFigure Number Five - Special Limited Version
Price € 14
Record labelNuclear Blast Records
Catalogue noNB1108-0/ 27361 11082
Year of release2003
GradingStill Factory Sealed
Stock listSoilwork
Additional info2003 German Nuclear Blast label 11-track full album CD comprising a bonus featuring
demo tracks from 1997 and 1996.

Discs are mounted on the same tray, front booklet, back insert, normal 'fat' jewel case, card picture slipcase.


1. Rejection Role
2. Overload
3. Figure Number Five
4. Strangler
5. Light The Torch
6. Departure Plan
7. Cranking The Sirens
8. Brickwalker
9. The Mindmaker
10. Distortion Sleep
11. Downfall 24

1. Bound To Illusions
2. My Need
3. In A Close Encounter
4. Skin After Skin
5. Wake Up Call
6. Steel Bath Suicide

Line up:
Björn Strid - Vocals
Peter Wichers - Guitar
Ola Frenning - Guitar
Ola Flink - Bass
Sven Karlsson- Keyboards
Henry Ranta - Drums