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Hola Ghost - Cannibal Flesh Riot! - Original Soundtrack Recording

€ 14
ArtistHola Ghost
TitleCannibal Flesh Riot! - Original Soundtrack Recording
Price € 14
Record labelHola Pete Records
Catalogue noHPR002
Year of release2006
GradingM- (Disc)/M- (Booklet)/M- (Cover)
Stock listHola Ghost
Additional info2006 Hola Pete label 28-track CD original soundtrack recording for Gris Grimly's 'Cannibal Fleah Riot' stop motion and live action horror flick - music by Nekromantix, Schwartzwald Library and Mad Sin guitarist Peter Sandorff, and Schwartzwald Library's Jeppe B. Jessen - graphic designed disc is mounted on a black (off course) tray in a digipak picture cover along with 15-page comic booklet

Tracklisting: 1 Prologue
2 Dinner macabre
3 Crime scene photo session
4 Graveyard blues
5 The hanged grandma
6 Graveyard salsa
7 A chunk of bloody human skin
8 The house
9 Condiment blues
10 G1-56
11 Condiment superstore
12 The drowning radish
13 A bowl of mayonnaise
14 Clarence Heckles
15 Digging for dinner
16 The dancing raisin
17 Corpse rise
18 Hub's death
19 Jagd metal
20 Cannibal flesh riot!
21 Ghouls on film

bonus Material:

22 The drowning radish (instrumental)
23 The ghoul lecture
24 Backwards theme 1 (demo version)
25 Backwards theme 2 (demo version)
26 Lurking theme 1 (demo version)
27 Lurking theme 2 (demo version)
28 Yrrol shift røvguinnes