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Cannibal Corpse - Evisceration Plague - US Limited Edition Picture Disc

€ 40
ArtistCannibal Corpse
TitleEvisceration Plague - US Limited Edition Picture Disc
Price € 40
FormatLP Picture Disc
Record labelMetal Blade Records
Catalogue no3984-14718
Year of release2009
GradingM- (Vinyl)/-
Stock listCannibal Corpse
Additional infoScarce out of print 2009 US Metal Blade Records 'Vinyl Fan Edition' 12-track picture disc. Plain clear stickered envelope opening PVC sleeve.

Condition: M- (LP vinyl)/-
Perfect - 'as new'' condition.


Side 1:
1 Priests Of Sodom
2 Scalding Hail
3 To Decompose
A4 A Cauldron Of Hate
5 Beheading And Burning
6 Evidence In The Furnace

Side 2:
1 Carniverous Swarm
2 Eviseration Plague
3 Shatter Their Bones
4 Carrion Sculpted Entity
5 Unnatural
6 Skewered From Ear To Eye