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Fates Warning - No Exit - Original US Promotional Issue Only Picture Disc

€ 100
ArtistFates Warning
TitleNo Exit - Original US Promotional Issue Only Picture Disc
Price € 100
FormatLP Picture Disc
Record labelMetal Blade Records/Enigma Records
Catalogue noEPRO-085
Year of release1988
GradingM- (LP vinyl, labels)/M- (PVC Sleeve)
Stock listFates Warning
Additional infoRare original 1988 Canadian Metal Blade Records/Enigma Distribution 6-track promotional issue only picture disc LP - presented in generic PVC envelope sleeve

Perfect disc - perfect sleeve


Side 1:
1 No Exit
2 Anarchy Divine
3 Silent Cries
4 In A Word
5 Shades Of Heavenly Death

Side 2:
1 The Ivory Gate Of Dreams

I. Innocence
II. Cold Daze
III. Daylight Dreamers
IV. Quietus
V. Ivory Tower
VI. Whispers In The Wind
VII. Acquiescence
VIII. Retrospect