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Vader - The Beast - Limited Edition german Vinyl Issue

€ 15
TitleThe Beast - Limited Edition german Vinyl Issue
Price € 15
Record labelMetal Blade Records
Catalogue no3984-14485-1
Year of release2004
GradingStill Factory Sealed
Stock listVader
Additional info2004 German Metal Blade Records 10-track limited edition vinyl LP from Polish death metal combo - gatefold picture cover

Condition: Still Factory Sealed:
Unopened, unused, perfect


Side 1:
1 Intro
2 Out Of The Deep
3 Dark Transmission
4 Firebringer
5 The Sea Came In At Last

Side 2:
1 I Shall Prevail
2 The Zone
3 Insomnia
4 Apopheniac
5 Choices