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The Orb - U.F. Orb - Original UK Limited Edition

€ 200
ArtistThe Orb
TitleU.F. Orb - Original UK Limited Edition
Price € 200
Record labelBig Life
Catalogue noBLRLA 18
Year of release1992
Grading3 x VG++ (vinyls)/2 x M- (inner sleeves) / VG++ & M- (inserts) /VG++ (cover) /VG++ (plastic cover)
Stock listThe Orb
Additional inforare 1992 UK limited edition 7-track 3-LP vinyl set including bonus live LP and 2 8" x 8" art prints and presented in stickered textured heavy duty blue PVC sleeve with data sticker on front - limited to 5000 copies worldwide.

The bonus live LP is essentially the soundtrack to the movie "The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld Patterns And Textures Version" - recorded at the Fridge, Brixton May 12 '91, and remixed by The Orb at Falconer Studios April'92.

Vinyls are in near perfect condition - the double vinyl set has from none through a couple to a few surface marks on each side - the live album has a couple of lines of greyish discolouration on one side.
Art prints are in respectively near perfect and perfect condition as one has a little wrinkling and a crease from handling - cover is in very close to perfect condition with just a little wrinkling from edges.
Outer blue plastic sleeve is opened and has a perfect sticker on front.


Side 1:
1. O.O.B.E. 12:51
2. U.F.Orb 6:08

Side 2:
3. Blue Room 17:34

Side 3:
4. Towers Of Dub 15:00

Side 4:
5. Close Encounters 10:27
6. Majestic 11:06
7. Sticky End 0:49

Bonus live LP:

Side 5:
8. Little Fluffy Clouds (8:55)
9. Earth (Gaia) (9:26)
10. Towers Of Dub (Part 1) (5:00)

Side 6:
11. Towers Of Dub (Part 2) (4:33)
12. Perpetual Dawn (8:17)
13. Star 6 & 7 8 9 (4:19)
14. Outlands (6:45)
15. Outro (5:15)