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Hagalaz' Runedance - Urd - That Which Was

€ 55
ArtistHagalaz' Runedance
TitleUrd - That Which Was
Price € 55
Record labelWell Of Urd
Catalogue noWUR 001
Year of release1999
Stock listHagalaz' Runedance
Additional infoScarce original limited edition 1999 Dutch Well Of Urd 5-track picture disc 10" - presented in plain PVC sleeve.

Vinyl is in perfect condition - as new


Side 1:
1 Wake Skadi
2 Urd - That Which Was
3 Behold The Passionate Ways Of Nature (Moondance Remix) - Remix by Gemini Rising

Side 2:
1 When The Trees Where Silenced (Thuriaz Remix) - Remix by Gemini Rising
2 The Falcon Flies (Ulver Juxtaposition Remix)