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Brian Setzer - Nitro Burnin' Funny Daddy

€ 7
ArtistBrian Setzer
TitleNitro Burnin' Funny Daddy
Price € 7
Record labelSurfdog Inc.
Catalogue noSD-4022-2
Year of release2003
Stock listBrian Setzer
Additional info12-track 2003 UK Surfdog full album promotion CD - card wallet picture sleeve

1. Sixty Years
2. Don't Trust A Woman (In A Black Cadillac)
3. When The Bells Don't Chime
4. That Someone Just Ain't You
5. Rat Pack Boogie
6. Ring, Ring, Ring
7. Drink Whiskey & Shut Up
8. Smokin' N Burnin'
9. Wild Wind
10. St. Jude
11. To Be Loved
12. When The Bells Don't Chime (Banjo Mix)