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Tys Tys - Twisted Fingers Soft Light Blue

€ 5
ArtistTys Tys
TitleTwisted Fingers Soft Light Blue
Price € 5
Record labelLoretta Records/ Ilk
Catalogue noILK119
Year of release2006
GradingM- (Disc)/M- (Cover)
Stock listTys Tys
Additional info2006 Danish Loretta Records/Ilk label 7-track promotion CD - custom card picture sleeve


1 Grenadine 2:28
2 Fanny Freak 4:33
3 Peel Me A Tiger 4:05
4 Tons Of Dust 2:36
5 Dogs 4:38
6 You Are Mine 5:34
7 To Whom It May Concern 2:12