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Sigur Ros - Takk...

€ 25
ArtistSigur Ros
Price € 25
Record labelFatcat Records
Catalogue no3384622
Year of release2006
GradingStill Sealed/New
Stock listSigur Ros
Additional info2005 Limited Edition 11-track CD album featuring:
1. Takk...
2. Glosoli
3. Hoppipolla
4. Meo Blodnasir
5. Se Lest
6. Saeglopur
7. Milano
8. Gong
9. Andvari
10. Svo Hljott
11. Heysatan
- 16-page booklet including exclusive additional artwork & picture CD which comes in a die cut card picture sleeve - attached to fold-out embossed book-style packaging with a 'linen'-bound spine.