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Baal - Funtex - 1999 Dutch Pressed 10-track Full Album CD

€ 14
TitleFuntex - 1999 Dutch Pressed 10-track Full Album CD
Price € 14
Record labelVirgin Records
Catalogue no7243 848171 2 1
Year of release1999
GradingM- (Disc)/M- (Front Booklet)/M- (Back Insert)
Stock listBaal
Additional info1999 Dutch Pressed Danish Virgin label 10-track full album CD.

Disc is mounted on a clear tray, glossy and illustrated 12-page front lyric booklet - back insert printed on both sides - standard jewel case.


1 Adored By Masses
2 Funtex
3 Orbit
4 Who Do You Love?
5 Play With No Plot
6 Wagner's Music
7 Face It
8 Cellophane
9 Apologies
10 The Future