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Sound Stations goal is to give the most accurate describtion of products displayed on our website. Our photos are of the actual item , our descriptions in text are direct, explanatory and unshortened.

Below is a list of the abbreviations that are commonly used and once in a while found their way into our catalogue.

7" standard 45 rpm records
7" EP extended play 7" single
10" 10-inch vinyl LP
12" 12-inch 45 rpm single
12" EP 12-inch 33 rpm single
LP 12" vinyl album
CD 5" compact disc
3" CD 3-inch compact disc single
M-CD Mini compact disc
Cc cut corner
Co cut-out
Coh cut-out hole
Dh Drill hole
cov, cv, cvr Cover
DJ disc jockey (promotional record)
EP Extended play
Gf, gtf Gatefold
Ins Insert(s)
Lbl Label - paper label on LP, the upper non playing surface on CD's
m, mo Mono, monaural
m/s Mone/stereo
nap (does) not affect play
nigtf Name, number In Gatefold
noba Name, number On Back Cover
nofc Name, number On Front Cover
nol Name, number On Label
OBI The strip of paper usually wrapped around Japanese records
Pr, Pro, Promo, demo Promotional Record or CD
ps Covers that comes with CD
Q quadraphonic
RW Ring Wear
S or St Stereo
sobc Sticker On Back Cover
sofc Sticker On Front Cover
sol Sticker On Label
stobc Stamp on back cover
stol Stamp on label
Stofc Stamp on front cover
SS Still Sealed
St Stereo
Sw Shrink wrap
Toc Tape On Cover
Tol Tape On Label
Ts Taped seam
WLP White Label Promo
wobc Writing On Back Cover
wofc Writing On Front Cover
wol Writing On Label
Wigtf Writing In Gatefold
wrp Warp