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Payment methods online include:

Credit Cards

At the moment it is only possible to process credit cards through our Paypal account.

Credit Cards processed at PayPal.
 Please make your payment  to .

Please note that all Paypal order will be processed with a 7% fee, which is the actual fee that Sound Station pay in order to transfer your payment to our actual bank account.

Remember, your credit card/PayPal account is only charged when goods have been dispatched.

Direct transfer to our bank account
You can transfer the amount to our bank account. Remember that all transfer-expenses must be paid at your bank.

Nordea Bank Denmark
København Nord Erhvervsafdeling
Nørgaardsvej 2
2800 Kgs. Lyngby
Swift-address: NDEADKKK 
IBAN: DK3920006872488489

Kunder fra Danmark bedes indbetale til Nordea konto: 2228
Konto nr. 6872488489

European euro, €
American dollars, $
UK pound sterling, £
Danish kroner, DKR

only by registered mail.